H-Squared began in 2005 as a small consulting firm for home automation customers. We quickly grew into a manufacturing and fabrication company designing both commercial and custom products for customers all over the world.

We now have an immensely popular line of mount products for the Apple AirPort Extreme, Time Capsule, Apple TV, and Mac mini that are sold from our web store and through our network of worldwide distributors. In addition, we're continuously designing and manufacturing custom products for both small and large customers alike.

H-Squared is a privately held and funded company based in Bellevue, WA.
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About the Founder

Jeremy Hubbell, a New Orleans native, has always been an avid technical enthusiast. He started tinkering with his first PC at age 10 and quickly became the on-campus "guru", installing and fixing computers at his grammer school- long before there was anything remotely known as an IT department. From there, he spent his afternoons writing small programs just to tinker while most kids were outside playing.

Since that time, Mr. Hubbell has worked at the worlds largest computer design software company, Autodesk, as a product manager and designer for their 3D application, 3D Studio VIZ. He's also authored two books and contributed to three others on the subject of 3D graphics.

Mr. Hubbell was President and CEO of a company he co-founded in 2001, RTzen, Inc. He secured investment overseas to build the company from scratch into one of the most innovative startups in the computer graphics industry, securing a software design patent in the process. In May of 2005, he successfully negotiated the sale of the company.

During his time at RTzen, Mr. Hubbell, began researching home automation and security. Harkening back to his "tinkering days", he spent many weekends working on automating his own home. Testing countless products and spending hours in front of the computer doing custom programming. Taking his years of experience in computers, his passion for making home life simpler, and coupling them with his entrepreneurial vision, he formed Jeremy Hubbell Consulting. The consulting gig turned into a full-time acrylic fabrication job when the Mini mount, originally designed for his customers, took off.

Jeremy now spends his days working with his team to constantly refine and improve the company's products. He manages the day-to-day operations of H-Squared as well as acting as lead designer for new products.

When not at H-Squared, Mr. Hubbell enjoys spending time with his family, flying, and football.
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